Our Services

General information

System-Invest specializes in manufacturing products that meet the requirements of pharmaceutical companies and complies with their high quality standards. We offer a range of services – production of labels, cardboard packaging, instructions and printing on blister foil.

It is the work with pharmaceutical companies that has taught us to be not only at the level of other printing houses, but to exceed them significantly, because we are entrusted with a great responsibility. That is why we can also produce labels and a cardboard packaging for the food industry, perfumery, cosmetics and household chemicals.

If you have a need to develop, change or upgrade your packaging, the specialists of our company will be of use to you, and our designers will help you to develop a layout of any complexity.

Our technologists will correctly select materials for printing, based on your needs, production conditions, storage, transportation and subsequent use of the goods, provide technical advice if necessary.

Our products are manufactured on equipment from leading European manufacturers only from high quality materials. Highly skilled personnel are involved in production, quality control is implemented at all stages and production processes.

We are able to work quickly, and the speed of our work has no negative effect on the quality of our products.

The best solution with the greatest benefit will be offered to you at System-Invest company.