Our Services

General information

System-Invest specializes in manufacturing products that meet the requirements of pharmaceutical companies and complies with their high quality standards. We offer a range of services – production of labels, cardboard packaging, instructions and printing on blister foil.Learn more »

Stickers and Labels

System-Invest offers its services in the production of self-adhesive labels for labeling pharmaceutical, food, perfume and cosmetics products and household chemicals.Learn more »

Cardboard packaging

We use unique technology for the production of cardboard packaging by flexographic printing, the uniqueness lies in the fact that on one piece of equipment per one run, from a roll of raw material – cardboard – we get a nearly finished product at the end of the production line, namely, die-cut packaging with a joint forming, full colour printing, fully or selectively covered with UV varnish, with embossing and, if necessary, with Braille.Learn more »

Offset printing

Offset printing of pharmaceutical inserts requires assurance of quality, because they contain all the necessary information about the medicine.Learn more »

Printed blister foil

The last, but not least and the youngest service we offer is printing on blister foil.Learn more »