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Cardboard packaging

We use unique technology for the production of cardboard packaging by flexographic printing, the uniqueness lies in the fact that on one piece of equipment, from a roll of raw material – cardboard – we get a nearly finished product at the end of the production line, namely, die-cut packaging with a joint forming, full colour printing, fully or selectively covered with UV varnish, with embossing and, if necessary, with Braille.

Using UV paints allows to get a sharp and clear image with a more glossy and resistant to external influences surface.

Rotary die-cutting with metal plates ensures precise compliance with all geometric dimensions of the semi-finished packaging and ensures stability of the position of joint forming without distortions.

Therefore, we only have to seal the product and pack it for you.

We offer:

    • Type of packaging: with a three-flap bottom and a lid, with a lock-type bottom
    • Printing method: flexographic
    • Materials: Rolls of recycled or cellulose cardboard 250 – 350 g / m² (thickness up to 0.6 mm)
    • Max. number of colours: 6 (with varnish)
    • Paint: UV
    • Finish: fully or selectively covered with UV or water-based varnish; cold foil stamping; cutting, joint forming, grooving, perforating, embossing, Braille
    • Equipment: flexographic narrow-roll printing machine for printing and die-cutting cardboard packaging Varyflex FV-530 F1 (OMET), folding gluer VEGA Mira 102